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Hailing from Jakarta, Warpweft Company focuses on diving deep into each detail that creates their products. They worship, live and breathe Japanese denim since day one.

Sharing the same vision, we at Cult of Indigo joined forces with Warpweft for a collaboration that made us all very proud.

Life can sometimes be a pretty hard road to pave. If you've ever ridden a motorcycle through the mud, you understand how difficult crossing that path can be.

We never stop striving to overcome gritty and dirty roads with hard work and persistence. That's why we named these 30 pieces limited-edition jeans "The Perseverance".

The Daruma character on our leather patch is a lucky charm and decoration in a typical Japanese household. These dolls also have a deeper meaning, serving as a reminder of hard work, discipline, focus, and perseverance.

Japanese Buddhism values self-discipline, and getting a Daruma is less about making a wish and more about a talisman that serves as a reminder of your life goals.

  • Limited to 30 pieces only
  • 18 ounces Japanese Selvedge Denim Kibata
  • Unsanforized but this is One-Washed Version so expect almost no shrinkage
  • Milled in Japan by KAIHARA
  • Rope Dyed Pure Indigo
  • Semi-Natural Dyed Weft Using Belleric / Cudranian Wood Mixture
  • Medium Tension Weave 1
  • 100% Australian Cotton
  • Signature Copper Lame Selvedge Line
  • Asanoha Pattern Interlining
  • Natural Hand Dyed Interlining Fabric
  • Selvedge Fly
  • Embroidered Back pocket with "The Perseverance" Color Threads
  • "The Perseverance" Coloured Inseam Stitching
  • Double Embossed "The Perseverance" Leather patch
  • YKK-Japan Double Plated Button
  • YKK-Japan Double Plated Rivets
  • Black Tab on The Back Pocket