TCB "Two Cat's" Waist Overall Logwood 10,7OZ Brown Denim Jeans

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This jeans is part of TCB's collabo with Viktor Fredbäck!
Viktor is a great denim collector who probably owns over 400 pairs of jeans and he teamed up with the brand to make something unique. 

Made with EMOT cotton, a blend of East Memphis, New Orleans, Texas cotton and finished with prima cotton which gives the jacket the brown/cream result we can all witness.

This model/cut has been inspired from a piece which was dig out from the gold mines in the Nevada desert, can you believe it? It was something the workers at the beginning of the 19th century were wearing. This pant was built after a pair of Olympic Brand, which was a sub label of Levi's back in time.

  • 100% cotton
  • Made in Japan
  • Black custom suspender buttons
  • Orange contrasted sewing
  • 10,7 ounces brown denim
  • Pre washed
  • Cinch back
  • Vintage replica patch
  • Custom selvedge id