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To create this crazy model, Studio D'Artisan 4 different types of denim featuring their "D01" model:

  1. 100 Series Denim: Constructed from 15oz right twill selvedge denim, meticulously developed by D'Artisan using a unique blend of cottons. Known for its durability and remarkable color fading.

  2. Left Twill Denim: Made from original 14oz left twill selvedge denim, this fabric exhibits rapid color fading and features a distinctive "line fall" effect resembling drawn lines.

  3. G3 Denim: Crafted from 14oz right twill selvedge denim woven on Japan's earliest power loom, Toyota Industries' G3. This denim boasts a natural uneven texture and roughness, with pronounced spotting for a unique aesthetic.

  4. DO-1 Denim: SDA signature 15oz right twill selvedge denim, meticulously researched and spun to replicate the original fabric from the release of "DO-1." Dyed using Awa Tokushima Soai's skein-dyeing technique, this denim offers a slow, gradual fading process.

Each pair of jeans features three distinct models of front tuck buttons, allowing you to experience D'Artisan's original denim fabric with varying characteristics. The silhouette for this collection is the Tight Straight (103 type), offering a contemporary yet classic fit. Discover the exceptional quality and versatility of our special jeans, designed for those who appreciate craftsmanship and unique denim experiences.

  • 100% Cotton
  • One Washed
  • Made In Japan
  • Tight Straight Fit
  • 15oz Assorted Denim Fabrics
  • 4 Button Fly feat Assorted SDA Orginal Buttons
  • Chinch Back Closure
  • Selvedge Button Fly Id
  • Engraved Copper Rivets
  • Heavy Duck Canvas Pocket Bags
  • Coin Pocket Selvedge Id
  • Original Goat Leather Patch
  • Red "Darty" Tabs On Back Pockets
  • Back Pocket Stitching