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"Introducing the 'Sasaki Kojiro' 25th Anniversary Special Model"

Crafted in homage to Kojiro Sasaki, renowned alongside Musashi Miyamoto as a master swordsman, this special edition pays tribute to his legacy with Samurai's iconic leather patches. Exclusive to milestones like Samurai's 10th, 15th, and 20th anniversaries, this model boasts a unique cutting technique reserved solely for its production.

The fabric chosen is a bespoke lefthand twill denim, characterized by its rugged yet velvety texture, woven from our distinctive Zero 17 oz. yarn. Drawing inspiration from Kojiro's legendary finesse in wielding a sword, capable of slicing a swallow in mid-flight with a meter-long blade, this design embodies a harmonious blend of resilience and refinement.

Embracing a timeless aesthetic, the silhouette features a classic buckle back and a regular straight cut, reflecting the enduring allure of traditional craftsmanship.

Kojiro Sasaki, celebrated as one of Japan's most illustrious samurai, stood as the formidable adversary of Musashi Miyamoto. His fateful duel with Musashi on Ganryu Island in 1612 marked the climax of their rivalry, leading to his demise. Revered for his mastery of the 'clothesline' sword, Kojiro's life beyond the battlefield remains shrouded in mystery, adding to the enigmatic allure of his legend.

Left-hand twill denim indeed offers some distinct characteristics compared to the more common right-hand twill. The direction of the twill weave can affect how the denim feels, wears, and fades over time.

The claim that left-hand twill tends to produce a softer fabric is attributed to the way the fibers are aligned in the weave. In left-hand twill, the diagonal lines slope from the top right to the bottom left, which can create a smoother texture. This can result in a fabric that feels softer to the touch, especially after washing and wearing.

Additionally, the way left-hand twill denim fades differs from right-hand twill denim. The fading pattern is influenced by how the indigo dye wears off over time. Left-hand twill denim may exhibit a more subtle and unique fading pattern compared to right-hand twill denim, adding to the individuality and character of the garment.

Ultimately, the choice between left-hand twill and right-hand twill denim comes down to personal preference and the desired aesthetic and feel. Both weaves have their own distinct qualities and appeal to different tastes in denim enthusiasts.

  • Product: Samurai Jeans Original 17oz. "Kojiro" Left-Hand Twill Selvedge Denim
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Silhouette: Regular Straight
  • Hardware: Samurai Jeans Original metal hardware (Rivets and Buttons)
  • Fly: 5 metal button fly with Samurai Jeans embossing
  • Pocket Detail: Fifth coin pocket selvedge detail
  • Selvedge ID: Silver Lamé Selvedge
  • Fastener: Cinch back fastener
  • Pocket Bags: Samurai Jeans Original 25th Anniversary print pocket bags
  • Patch: Samurai Jeans Original goatskin leather patch
  • Back Pocket Stitch: Samurai Jeans Original Black stitch
  • Tag: Samurai Jeans Original Rayon tag

    Model is wearing a size 33, H 187cm W 80kg