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Say Hi to one of the rarest denim jeans we ever came across. Hand-dyed with Kakishibu, a natural dye taken from the juice of persimmons fruit. The whole process was guaranteed only for a really small amount of pieces, considering its very hard and unique work.  The fruit contains a strong tannin and it reacts to the sunlight so the color of this jeans changes with time and sun exposure. This traditional method disappeared for a while due to high speed consuming market which took place in the Japanese community as in any other country. Samurai is proud to bring the method back to life considering its very natural and ancestral dye.

This denim is very slubby and irregular made with superior quality. The buttons are covered in gold, the selvedge id is red and silver Lamè. Thick 3mm cowhide leather and a real straight cut makes this pant look even more beautiful.

Founded in 1997 in Osaka, Samurai is one of the most appreciated denim labels in the world. The name was inspired by the duel of 1612 between Sasaki Kojiro and Miyamoto Musashi, the two swordsmen were bitter rivals at the time.  The duel began with both men on guard as a show of respect for the other’s skill with their own style and technique. In the end, though, there could be only one winner. Musashi had provoked Kojirō to make the first attack. Miyamoto quickly countered and succeeded in breaking Kojirō’s left ribs and puncturing his lungs, eventually killing him.  With such history behind, Samurai Jeans could never go wrong and built a history of its own in the denim world.

  • Mid rise
  • Regular straight cut
  • 17oz unsanforized natural persimmon tannin hand dyed 
  • One was no shrinkage
  • Super slubby and irregular texture
  • Color to slowly get darken with time and sun light exporsure
  • Superior high Samurai quality
  • Custom gold covered buttons
  • Red and silver Lamè selvedge id
  • 3mm wide cowhide leather patch
  • Peek-a-boo selvedge coin pocket
  • Extra heavy stitching
  • Limited to 200 pairs worldwide
  • Original Artwork pocket flasher
  • 100% made in Japan
cm cm cm cm cm
30 72 26.5 30 88 20.5
31 74 27 30.4 88 21
32 77 27.5 31 88 22
33 79 27.7 31.7 88 22
34 82 28 32.3 89 23
36 86 29 33.5 89 24

inch inch inch inch inch
30 28.3 10.4 11.8 34.6 8.1
31 29.1 10.6 12.0 34.6 8.3
32 30.3 10.8 12.2 34.6 8.7
33 31.1 10.9 12.5 34.6 8.7
34 32.3 11.0 12.7 35.0 9.1
36 33.9 11.4 13.2 35.0 9.4