TCB Cathartt Chore Coat Paw Stripe jacket

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New color/fabric added to TCB Cathartt Chore Coat family!In history, Carhartt had a very unique heart-shaped stripe wabash and TCB's mixed it with a cat humor, making it Paw Stripe Wabash! It looks classic wabash but if you have a closer look at it, there still you find more cuteness!

This time, TCB asked Sanyo Senko, which is located in my hometown, Fukuyama city in Hiroshima prefecture, to make this custom-made wabash fabric. When I was young, I often visited an amusement arcade near the factory but I had no clue at all that there was such a company who had the unique printing/discharging facility.

There are very few factories in Japan who can do indigo post-dye onto rolls of fabric, discharge the indigo in arbitrary shape, and finally print a beige dyeing onto the discharged parts. That's basically the process of how TCB make wabash fabrics.

TCB  made a heart-shaped mold for this fabric and followed the procedure above. If you are familiar with vintage wabash fabrics, you might know that the outlines of each wabash pattern are often somewhat blurred. That's because the more you produce, the more deteriorated the mold itself gets so in the end we will need to replace the mold with a new one. But, they thought if each heart/paw shape was really clear and obvious, it might come across as too flashy to wear so we've intentionally made the mold to be a bit age deteriorated to have blurred heart-shapes like the ones you see on vintage fabrics.

This fabric might strike you as a bit cheapskate? but after studying each procedure of making a wabash fabric in person, it occured  that this might have been the reason why Stifel stopped producing wabash fabrics. It takes much time, much effort, and much cost to make them!

Nevertheless, I can't help appreciating Sanyosenko who went all the way to make our custom-made wabash fabric in the exact same process as how vintage fabrics used to be made. Also, speaking of any Stifel fabric, you may wonder if the unique back print is still there. (There is a boot-shaped print with the "Stifel" letter in it on the backside of Stifel fabric). It of course makes its cost a bit more expensive but I had no choice but to have our back print to make it a purrfect and meowndaful reproduction. 

All the buttons used on this Carhartte Chore Coat are change buttons so that we recommend you take them off before washing. In case of breakage or loss of the buttons, we don't offer the buttons for free of charge.

Model is wearing a jacket that has been washed and worn for a while that's why the blue is different!