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Shortly after the end of World War II, American soldiers stationed at the Yokosuka US military base in Japan sought unique ways to commemorate their service. They found a local tailor shop that specialized in intricate embroidery and began ordering custom items featuring oriental patterns along with the emblems of their respective units and bases. These embroidered pieces served as cherished mementos of their time and experiences in Japan.

One particularly notable creation from this era is a special jacket that has become a symbol of both cultural fusion and military history. The front side of the jacket boasts an exquisite embroidered illustration of the Seven Lucky Gods, which is part of an ambitious project celebrating the 45th anniversary of this tradition. This dynamic design captures the essence of Japanese folklore and artistry, making it a standout piece.

The back side of the jacket features a vintage tour jacket motif, highlighted by a retro-style dragon. This dragon design, with its rich, nostalgic aesthetic, gives the jacket a timeless, vintage feel that appeals to both collectors and fashion enthusiasts. The combination of these elements not only honors the history and heritage of the post-war period but also marks the 45th anniversary with a unique and special design that continues to be celebrated.