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Founded in 1997 in Osaka, Samurai is one of the most appreciated denim labels in the world. The name was inspired by the duel of 1612 between Sasaki Kojiro and Miyamoto Musashi, the two swordsmen were bitter rivals at the time.  The duel began with both men on guard as a show of respect for the other’s skill with their own style and technique. In the end, though, there could be only one winner. Musashi had provoked Kojirō to make the first attack. Miyamoto quickly countered and succeeded in breaking Kojirō’s left ribs and puncturing his lungs, eventually killing him.  With such history behind, Samurai Jeans could never go wrong and built a history of its own in the denim world.

This limited model made using 25OZ fabric comes in a unusual regular straight cut which makes it pretty rare. The whole concept is based on "Akechi Mitsuhide" the very well know general who fought between loyal retainers and rebels, assembled an army of 13,000 soldiers and moved against Nobunaga's position at Honno-JJ. On June 21, Mitsuhide was quoted as saying, "The enemy is at Honnō-ji!" His army surrounded the temple and eventually set it on fire.

Samurai Jeans made this story its own and decorated this piece with some crazy details. The back pockets have a nice embroidered design expressing "good luck" and from the buttons to the golden selvedge, everything has been brought to the highest level. 


  • Silhouette: Regular Straight

  • Fabric Weight (ounce): 25

  • Special selvedge golden Id

  • Iron black Matsunoki button

  • Honnoji Incidental pattern slake

  • Copper rivet

  • Selvedge line on the coin pocket

  • Reinforced of point of strain

  • Exclusive leather patch flasher

  • Extra heavy stitching for rugged wear

  • Type of Fabric: Unsanforized Denim

  • Non wash

  • Roughness: Rough

  • Made in Osaka, Japan